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Body Hooping

Are you looking for a fitness hula hoop? You will find the best fitness hula hoop at Bodyhoop!

The Bodyhoop comes with a free workout and stretch band to train arm, shoulder and chest muscles while you hoop.

The Bodyhoop:
  • Weighs 1.6kg and has a diameter of 104cm.
  • This makes it the perfect fitness hula hoop for adults and is easy to keep up.
  • Comes in a sturdy box that you can use again to take the hoop with you.
  • Is covered by strong, durable foam, for extra comfort.
  • Has a thickness of 4.5cm, which is more comfortable than a thin hoop.
  • Has strong, stable connections between the parts to keep its shape.
  • Has 18 “waves” on the inside (3 per part).
  • Has a nice orange/black colour combination.
  • Comes with a free stretch band to train arms, shoulders and chest.

Would you like to have a flat stomach?
Preferably without boring, strenuous sit-ups?
You are not the only one!

Fortunately there now is a workout you will LOVE! And …. it will give you a flat, toned stomach at the same time!
You only need to hula hoop 10 minutes per day with the Bodyhoop to achieve results in 3 weeks:

- Stronger abdominal, back, thigh and hip muscles
- Weight loss through energy burning
- Slender waist
- Improved fitness
- Flexible back and hips
- Improved core stability and strength



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